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Where Will We Be in 20 Years?

Looking at demographic data can help us assess the opportunities and challenges of the coming decades.

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Waking Up in 2041

What will the world be like in 20 years? Read our special report.

Seeking Backers for New Fund, Jared Kushner Turns to Middle East

Former President Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law is trying to raise capital for his investment firm and is turning to a region that he dealt with extensively while in the White House.

Why Retailers Are Fighting a Vaccine Mandate Before the Holidays

The Biden administration has called on major companies to help fight the pandemic. Big chains want to get past the holiday staffing crunch first.

Jake Wood Was Once a Warrior, Then a Nonprofit Leader. Now He's an Entrepreneur.

Jake Wood was a Marine sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he works in the philanthropic sector and is “leading with love.”

C.E.O.s Tell Analysts What They're Thankful For

It’s the season, so some business leaders have opened up about why they’re grateful.

Ifeoma Ozoma Blew the Whistle on Pinterest. Now She Protects Whistle-Blowers.

Ifeoma Ozoma, who accused Pinterest of discrimination, has become a key figure in helping tech employees disclose, and fight, mistreatment at work.

Peter Buck, Co-Founder of the Subway Sandwich Chain, Dies at 90

The $1,000 loan he gave to a friend’s son was used to start a single sandwich shop. That shop grew into the world’s biggest fast-food chain.

Olympics Sponsors Face Questions Over Peng Shuai Controversy

Dismay over Olympics organizers’ assertion that the Chinese tennis star is safe and well may put pressure on the games’ corporate partners.

The Latest Farm Product: Carbon Credits

Global cropland has the potential to sequester as much as 570 million metric tons of carbon per year. New projects that pay farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices could help.

Is the Four-Day Workweek Finally Within Our Grasp?

After embracing flexible work styles during the pandemic, some companies are now embracing a shorter week.

How the College Gender Gap Might Change the Economy

The rising gender gap in college education — currently three women for every two men — might turn out to be one of the most transformative trends of our time.

As We Live Longer, How Should Life Change? There Is a Blueprint.

“The New Map of Life” reimagines education, careers, cities and life transitions for lives that span a century (or more).

Can Synthetic Biology Save Us? This Scientist Thinks So.

Drew Endy is squarely focused on the potential of redesigning organisms for useful purposes. He also acknowledges significant challenges.

Red Brands and Blue Brands: Is Hyper-Partisanship Coming for Corporate America?

Major brands and chief executives have become increasingly entangled in social and political debates. Is more to come?

Large Insurers Are Hatching a Plan to Take Down Coal

Thomas Buberl, the chief executive of the French insurance company AXA, wants the industry to stop covering mines and plants.

The Sustainable Industrial Revolution Is Just Getting Started

Heavy industries like shipping, steel and plastics have long opted out of climate action. That is starting to change.

For Cryptocurrency, the Challenge Is to Balance Code and Law

Crypto fans have argued that code can be a better arbitrator than traditional regulators.

A Short History of Predicting the Future

Futurology has long been a risky business.

Theranos's Elizabeth Holmes Testifies, Raising Issues for Her Defense

The Theranos founder surprised many by testifying in her fraud trial.