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Pandemic Relief Funding for Child Care Is Ending. What Now?

More than 80 percent of licensed child care providers in the United States received the grants, which they used to pay bills and raise wages for staff.

IPOs, Inflation Data and More Are at Risk in a Shutdown

Important economic data could be delayed, as could regulators’ decisions on mergers and new public listings.

Why Stocks Swooned in September

The S&P 500 is trading at a three-month low as surging oil prices, rising bond yields and concerns about economic growth send investors to the exits.

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Who’s Rooting Hardest for a Sam Bankman-Fried Conviction? The Crypto Industry.

Crypto insiders, who have been trying to distance themselves from the FTX founder, are united in their zeal to see Mr. Bankman-Fried held to account.

Crypto Goes on Trial, as Sam Bankman-Fried Faces His Reckoning

The FTX founder’s uphill court battle starts Tuesday, after he has come to symbolize everything that went wrong with the cryptocurrency industry.

Robert Day, Financier and Philanthropist, Dies at 79

An heir to an oil fortune, he built his own empire with TCW Group and was an influential California donor, including to his alma mater, Claremont McKenna College.

U.A.W. Expands Strikes at Ford and G.M.

The United Automobile Workers union said 7,000 more of its members would walk off the job two weeks after it began strikes at the Big Three automakers.

U.S. Government Shutdown Could Delay Key Economic Data

A lapse in funding would delay data on unemployment and inflation as policymakers try to avoid a recession.

Lina Khan Finally Takes On Amazon Over Its Market Power

The F.T.C. chair, who published an influential law school paper on the e-commerce giant, is now fighting the company over its market dominance.

Lina Khan vs. Jeff Bezos: This Is Big Tech’s Real Cage Match

The chair of the Federal Trade Commission wants to disrupt Amazon, whose founder built a trillion-dollar firm by disrupting retail.

FTC Says Amazon Used These Tactics to Undermine Competition

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission said the internet giant used its monopoly power to stifle competition and raise prices.

FTC Sues Amazon, Accusing Company of Illegal Online Retail Monopoly

The Federal Trade Commission and 17 states sued Amazon, saying its conduct in its online store and services to merchants illegally stifled competition.

JPMorgan Settles Epstein Suit With U.S. Virgin Islands for $75 Million

The bank agreed to pay $75 million to settle with the U.S. Virgin Islands and reached a confidential settlement with a former top banker who pushed to keep the disgraced financier as a client.

‘Unprecedented’ Secrecy in Google Trial as Tech Giants Push to Limit Disclosures

Efforts to seal testimony have increasingly raised questions as the federal antitrust case enters its third week in court.

Why Biden and Trump Are Courting Striking Autoworkers

The president and his leading Republican rival are heading to Michigan to address members of the U.A.W., whose political clout is growing.

Ford Halts Work on E.V. Battery Plant in Michigan

The company cited concerns about operating the factory competitively. It’s not clear if the pause is linked to its dispute with the United Auto Workers.

Writers Guild Deal With Studios Reflects Power of Unions

Reports suggest that screenwriters won concessions from Hollywood studios on key issues. That reflects the strength of unions’ hands in the current moment.

Writers Guild and Studios Reach Deal to End Their Strike

The Writers Guild of America got most of what it wanted. With actors still on picket lines, however, much of Hollywood will remain shut down.

Are Fossil Fuels the Next Cigarettes?

California’s lawsuit against oil giants mirrors a legal strategy used in the 1990s against the tobacco industry.