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Sinema’s Puzzling Defense of the Carried Interest Loophole

Senator Kyrsten Sinema had one main request before she would support a key spending bill: Preserve a tax loophole that mainly benefits people in private equity.

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Peloton Will Slash Jobs and Raise Prices in Turnaround Effort

The maker of fitness bikes, once a pandemic darling, said it would reduce its retail footprint and end its last-mile delivery network in a cost-cutting strategy.

The Summer of NIMBY in Silicon Valley’s Poshest Town

Moguls and investors from the tech industry, which endorses housing relief, banded together to object to a plan for multifamily homes near their estates in Atherton, Calif.

Rivian Lost $1.7 Billion in the Second Quarter

The maker of electric pickup trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles affirmed its production forecast for the year.

Elon Musk Sells $7 Billion in Tesla Stock for Twitter Deal

The billionaire entrepreneur said he wanted “to avoid an emergency sale of Tesla stock” if he was forced to complete the buyout of the social media company.

How Private Equity Lobbying Watered Down the Corporate Minimum Tax

The new corporate minimum tax is not law yet and is already rife with exceptions for the businesses that might have to pay it.

Crypto ‘Mixer’ Tornado Cash Is Blacklisted by the Treasury Department

The crackdown was the government’s latest effort to rein in the crypto industry.

The Carried Interest Loophole Survives Another Political Battle

The latest effort to narrow the preferential tax treatment used by private equity executives failed after Senator Kyrsten Sinema objected.

Carried Interest Is Back in the Headlines. Why It’s Not Going Away.

Changes demanded by Senator Kyrsten Sinema will preserve a tax loophole that Democrats have complained about for years.

Tesla Faces Pressure Campaign From Activist Shareholders

One proposal from investors that would allow investors to nominate directors to the electric car company’s board was approved.

Meet the accountants who may become the new power brokers of taxes.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board, a private organization run by a seven-member board, determines how quarterly and annual profits are calculated.

WeWork posts a smaller loss as its office occupancy grows.

The provider of flexible work space said its memberships grew 33 percent in the second quarter and its occupancy rate climbed to 72 percent.

Inflation Reduction Act’s corporate minimum tax deciders

A climate and tax bill could give a lot of power to an organization called the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

What Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Means for Business

More fallout may be ahead for businesses and investors from a visit that tested China’s appetite for confrontation.

Doing the Math on the Inflation Reduction Act

The bill involves at least $260 billion in spending over 10 years, with a focus on energy and climate, but it would raise taxes by more than that, a congressional analysis found.

The Crypto Market Crashed. They’re Still Buying Bitcoin.

Hard-core Bitcoin evangelists are making the case that Bitcoin differs from the unstable crypto projects that sent the market into a tailspin.

Wells Fargo Revives Policy That Led to Fake Job Interviews, With Tweaks

The bank will reinstate a requirement to assemble a “diverse slate” of job candidates while adding flexibility, according to an internal memo.

Judge Refuses Visa’s Request to Escape Pornhub-Related Lawsuit

Visa faces questions about whether it enabled a porn site to profit from images of child sexual abuse, and both Mastercard and Visa face a new antitrust suit from Disney.