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Who’d Want to Give a Commencement Speech Anymore?

Executive communications experts say the gig is becoming a harder sell for business leaders.

Are University Athletes About to Earn a Big Payday?

A $2.8 billion class-action settlement proposal could finally erase the notion that college stars are amateurs — though the plan has drawn skeptics.

Will Big Donors Follow Haley Back to Trump?

An endorsement of sorts by the former Republican presidential hopeful may provide cover to prominent backers to follow suit.

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The NCAA Agreed to Pay Players. It Won’t Call Them Employees.

The argument is the organization’s attempt to maintain the last vestiges of its amateur model and to prevent college athletes from collectively bargaining.

Ampla, a Lender to Consumer Brands, Faces Financial Struggles

Ampla, which lent money to smaller businesses that sold clothing, home furnishings and other items directly to consumers, is struggling financially and seeking a buyer.

Ether Cryptocurrency ETFs Are Approved by the SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission gave its blessing to a fund that tracks the price of the most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Yellen Warns Israel Against Cutting Off Palestinian Banks

The Treasury secretary said allies from the Group of 7 nations must work to stabilize the West Bank economy and increase Gaza aid.

Some Silicon Valley VCs Are Becoming More Conservative

Marc Andreessen, Chamath Palihapitiya and several other tech venture capitalists are increasingly criticizing President Biden and making their disaffection known in an election year.

Nvidia, Powered by A.I. Boom, Reports Soaring Revenue and Profits

The Silicon Valley company was again lifted by sales of its artificial intelligence chips, but it faces growing competition and heightened expectations.

What to Watch For in Nvidia’s Q1 Earnings Report

Expectations are sky-high for the chipmaker’s latest earnings report. The company is at the center of Wall Street’s focus on artificial intelligence.

U.K. Inflation Falls to 2.3%, Lowest in 3 Years

The decline, which was less than economists expected, is nearing the Bank of England’s 2 percent target.

Pixar Lays Off 14% of Its Staff and Will Stop Making Shows for Disney+

The animation studio, which has struggled over the past few years, will stop making original shows for Disney+.

Donald Trump’s Wealth Now Hinges on Trump Media

Mr. Trump has treated Trump Media, which runs his social network Truth Social, as a low-cost sideshow. Now a big portion of his wealth hinges on its success.

Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI’s Trust Issues

The actress, who criticized the use of a soundalike voice for ChatGPT, is the latest to raise concerns about the artificial intelligence start-up’s practices.

Macy’s Reports Another Drop in Sales but Sees ‘Traction’ in Turnaround

The largest department store chain in the United States has not reported an increase in comparable-store sales since early 2022.

Ex-Employees Raise Concerns About Safety at OpenAI

Former employees of the ChatGPT maker raised concerns that it isn’t doing enough to make sure its products don’t pose a threat to humanity.

Europe Wants to Build a Stronger Defense Industry, but Can’t Decide How

Conflicting political visions, competitive jockeying and American dominance stand in the way of a more coordinated and efficient military machine.

How Companies Dodge Tariffs

Protectionist trade policies are popular on both the left and right. But some economists say they’re likely to backfire.

What Caitlin Clark’s Arrival Could Mean for WNBA’s Business

Clark’s arrival has many betting on the W.N.B.A.’s success. But certain structural disadvantages persist, including how much the players earn.