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The Fed Under Trump 2.0

Donald Trump says he will not fire Jay Powell as chair of the central bank if he is re-elected president, after threatening to do so. But whether the president even has the authority is open to question.

Assessing J.D. Vance’s Business Agenda

Donald Trump’s running mate is pro-labor, a fan of crypto and the F.T.C.’s Lina Khan, and says Big Tech is too powerful.

The New Calculus for Democrats and Donors: Is Trump Unbeatable?

The shooting of Donald Trump has galvanized his campaign, prompted Elon Musk to endorse him and forced Democrats to rethink plans to oust President Biden.

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Amazon Workers Narrowly Reject Union Drive at British Warehouse

The vote, which would have forced the tech giant to negotiate collectively with workers, was the closest an Amazon center in Britain had come to being unionized.

U.K. Inflation Steady as Economists Puzzle Over ‘Taylor Swift Effects’

Consumer prices rose 2 percent in June from a year earlier, a bit higher than economists expected, with a big jump in hotel prices coinciding with a blockbuster series of concerts.

To Revitalize Britain’s Economy, a Plan for a Stronger Government Role

The Labour Party’s economic agenda, like many other programs around the world, puts political leaders more firmly in charge of industrial policy.

NBA Agrees to Massive Rights Deals With Disney, Comcast and Amazon

The agreements, set to begin after next season, could potentially pay the league about $76 billion over 11 years.

Is It Silicon Valley’s Job to Make Guaranteed Income a Reality?

The tech community, led by Sam Altman of OpenAI, has funded programs that give people unconditional cash. Some say it’s time to scale up.

Burberry Replaces C.E.O. Amid ‘Disappointing’ Results

The British luxury group appointed Joshua Schulman to replace Jonathan Akeroyd, and said it expected earnings to suffer as an industry downturn deepened.

BlackRock Removes Ad From 2022 That Included Images of Trump Gunman

The gunman appeared briefly in a television commercial that was filmed at Bethel Park High School, where he was a senior at the time.

What if the A.I. Boosters Are Wrong?

A skeptical paper by Daron Acemoglu, a labor economist at M.I.T., has triggered a heated debate over whether artificial intelligence will supercharge productivity.

The End of the Affair? Not for Eric Schmidt.

While Mr. Schmidt was chief executive of Google, he had an extramarital relationship with Marcy Simon, a public relations executive. A decade after they split, things are still messy.

Biden Donors Still Have Questions After His Latest Test

The president’s performance in Thursday’s news conference at the NATO summit may not have been enough to calm Democratic donors and officials.

Germany to Strip Huawei From Its 5G Networks

Major telecom companies agreed to stop using critical components made by Chinese companies in their mobile infrastructure by 2029.

Apple Settles E.U. Case by Opening Its Payment Service to Rivals

Customers in Europe may see an influx of new apps and services for making tap-and-go purchases.

After More Calls to Step Down, Biden Faces a New Test

Fresh calls from lawmakers and donors to step down have increased pressure on the president, as he prepares to hold a crucial news conference.

Fed Chair Powell Cheers Markets Looking for Signs on Rate Cuts

The S&P 500 winning streak rolled on after the Fed chair made encouraging comments about inflation and the state of the labor market.

Britain Has Huge Clean Energy Ambitions, but Are They Realistic?

Analysts warn that the Labour Party’s proposals are unlikely to be cheap and could come at the cost of jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Organizer of World Economic Forum in Davos Accused of Discrimination

A former employee sued the nonprofit, accusing it of denying professional opportunities because of her race and gender.