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New C.D.C. Guidance on Masks Complicates Return to Office Plans

A reversal of government guidance on masks complicates return-to-office plans — again.

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DealBook D.C. Policy Project

What’s the roadmap for the recovery? Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, Senator Mitt Romney and business leaders discussed their priorities at our special event.

DealBook Debrief

DealBook Debrief is our discussion on the intersection of business, policy and culture, exploring solutions for stimulating economies, supporting workers and rebuilding public trust in a post-pandemic world.

Robinhood Prices Its I.P.O. at $38 a Share

The stock trading app is set to start trading as a public company on Thursday.

BuzzFeed Is Going Public. Now What for Vox Media, Group Nine and Vice?

The digital media companies that once seemed to have a lock on the future are making plans to get bigger and pay back their investors.

Aon's Failed Deal Highlight's Biden's Aggressive Antitrust Approach

Aon’s abandoned deal could be a sign of things to come.

Groceries in 10 Minutes: Delivery Start-Ups Crowd City Streets Across Globe

Venture capital’s newest darling is the online rapid grocery delivery industry. Getir, a six-year-old Turkish company, is trying to outpace its new competitors in a worldwide expansion.

Is Jeff Bezos Really an Astronaut?

Blue Origin pinned custom astronaut wings to his flight suit. The Federal Aviation Administration may disagree. Or it may not even matter.

As Cyberattacks Surge, Security Start-Ups Reap the Rewards

Investors have poured $12.2 billion into cybersecurity companies so far this year, nearly $2 billion more than the total for all of 2020.

Companies Rethink Imposing Vaccine Mandates

New outbreaks have companies weighing their options.

FTX and Binance, Cryptocurrency Leaders, Move to Curb High Risk Trades

The moves would reduce the size of the bets that investors can make by drastically cutting the maximum leverage offered.

Delays, More Masks and Mandatory Shots: Virus Surge Disrupts Office-Return Plans

A wave of the contagious Delta variant is causing companies to reconsider when they will require employees to return, and what health requirements should be in place when they do.

Meet the Crypto Nomads

The big money in cryptocurrency is offshore.

Binance and FTX's C.E.O.s Talk Shop

The founders of the cryptocurrency exchanges FTX and Binance talked with The Times about risk and regulation.

How Tech Won the Pandemic and Now May Never Lose

As the world reeled, Silicon Valley supplied the tools that made life and work possible. Now tech companies are awash in money — and questions about what it means to win amid so much loss.

HBO and HBO Max Subscribers Seen Reaching 73 Million in 2021

HBO and its streaming service, HBO Max, have attracted 67.5 million customers, and the company expects to reach 73 million by year end.

Robinhood's I.P.O. Will Give More to Retail Investors

It’s giving retail investors much more of its I.P.O. than is the norm.

The Amazonification of Space Begins in Earnest

With the suborbital flights made by Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson this month, the privatization of the space industry has crossed the point of no return.

Robinhood’s Guinea Pig for Upending Public Offerings: Itself

The stock trading app is opening its initial public offering and investor presentations to everyday investors. The risks are significant.