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DealBook Briefing: Facebook Has a ‘Supreme Court’ Now

The social network announced efforts to limit extremism on its site, including a new definition of terrorism and a panel of content judges.

DealBook Briefing: An I.P.O. of WeWork Will Have to Wait

The company pushed back its stock offering, reportedly after investors remained cool to the deal. It’s another blow to the business.

DealBook Briefing: The World Reckons With a New Oil Order

The weekend’s attacks on plants owned by Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company spooked investors this morning — and may do so for a long time to come.

DealBook Briefing: Beijing’s Plan to Get to a Trade Deal

China appears to be betting on two approaches: start buying more U.S. goods, and try to keep discussions with Washington focused only on trade.

WeWork’s Efforts to Salvage I.P.O. Renew Fears About ‘Unicorn’ Era

The company’s stumbles are the latest example of how fast-growing and unprofitable businesses are struggling to convince investors that they are good bets.

DealBook Briefing: C.E.O.s Demand More Gun Control

The heads of 145 companies sent a letter to Senate leaders calling for an expansion of background checks to firearms sales and stronger gun laws.

DealBook D.C. Summit: Mnuchin Talks Trade and the Economy; Microsoft’s Brad Smith on Tech Policy

Andrew Ross Sorkin hosts newsmakers from the worlds of business and policy at an event in Washington on Sept. 12. Watch it here, live.

How Do You Fix … All of It?

A group of leaders in business, politics and academia gathered to try to solve problems from student debt to carbon emissions. Here are their recommendations.

Profits or the Public Interest: The Debate Continues

Making money should not be companies’ only goal, Business Roundtable argued recently. There are those who disagree.

Steven Mnuchin on the Economy, and Trump

“You can’t cut your way to prosperity. You have to grow your way, and we’ve grown revenues now.”

Microsoft’s President on Silicon Valley in the Cross Hairs

“Until you acknowledge the problems, you can’t solve them,” Brad Smith said. “And nobody is going to believe you’re trying.”

The Family Minivan as Reporting Tool

The finance editor, David Enrich, does a lot of work while on the move (but don’t worry, he’s not behind the wheel).

U.S. Outlines Plans to Scrutinize Chinese and Other Foreign Investment

International deals involving technology and real estate could be blocked under proposed new rules that would add teeth to a law passed last year.

WeWork Delays I.P.O. After Chilly Reception From Investors

The company’s parent has been trying to rescue the public offering amid concerns about the high valuation for a business that is deeply unprofitable.

New Lawsuit Against Uber Is Set to Test Its Classification of Workers

A class-action suit on behalf of drivers in federal court in California, filed on Wednesday, accused Uber of wrongly classifying drivers under the state’s employment test.

‘Simply Unacceptable’: Executives Demand Senate Action on Gun Violence

“Doing nothing about America’s gun violence crisis is simply unacceptable,” the corporate chiefs urged senators in a letter.

A European Tech Giant Is Born, Spun Off From a South African Firm

Naspers spun off a consumer internet unit, Prosus, for a listing in Amsterdam that made it the biggest European company of its type.

DealBook Briefing: Apple’s Entry in the Streaming Wars Comes Out Swinging

The tech giant’s decision to price its Apple TV Plus service at $5 a month means that it wants to make online video a real business.

A Hong Kong-London Stock Exchange Bid Ties 2 Cities in Turmoil

The nearly $37 billion offer from the Hong Kong exchange to buy its London counterpart faces tough odds. If sealed, it could transform turbulent markets in Asia and Europe.

‘Big Brother’ in the Sky: Cathay Pacific Workers Feel China’s Pressure

Calling it “the white terror,” employees describe a culture of fear as managers fire some who have made social media posts supporting Hong Kong’s protests.