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These C.E.O.s Didn't Sign Onto a Letter Defending Voting Rights

Hundreds of leaders and companies signed a letter opposing strict limits. They did not.

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DealBook D.C. Policy Project

What’s the roadmap for the recovery? Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, Senator Mitt Romney and business leaders discussed their priorities at our special event.

DealBook Debrief

DealBook Debrief is our discussion on the intersection of business, policy and culture, exploring solutions for stimulating economies, supporting workers and rebuilding public trust in a post-pandemic world.

Former Condé Nast Editor Plans a Vanity Fair for the Substack Era

A new publication from a Vanity Fair veteran aims to attract writers with a revenue-sharing plan. The project has private equity backing.

Hundreds of Companies Unite to Oppose Voting Rights Limits, but Others Abstain

Amazon, Google, G.M. and Starbucks were among those joining the biggest show of solidarity by businesses over legislation in numerous states.

Texas Froze and California Burned. To Insurers, They Look Similar.

An effort to pass on costs in Texas will echo the wildfire strategy by arguing that power companies should have taken protective steps after past cold snaps.

Markets Fall Amid Worries Over Johnson & Johnson's Vaccine

Shares were down after health officials paused use of the shot over safety fears.

Alibaba's Big Antitrust Fine Is a Warning Shot

Beijing regulators are sending a message to Chinese internet giants.

2 Korean Battery Makers Settle Dispute That Threatened Biden’s Green Agenda

The settlement between LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation ensures that a battery plant in Georgia will go forward without hampering electric vehicle production.

The Wall Street Journal’s Internal Audit

A look at what the newsroom’s internal study — The Content Review — concluded about the paper’s faults.

What Working Too Much Does to Your Body

Excess work isn’t good for anyone, employers included. So why are we still doing it?

Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal

A special team led by a high-level manager says Rupert Murdoch’s paper must evolve to survive. But a rivalry between editor and publisher stands in the way.

Skims Raises Funds At $1.6 Billion Valuation

A richly valued fundraising deal cements Kim Kardashian’s billionaire status.

Kim Kardashian's Skims Is Now Worth $1.6 Billion

Her shapewear company, Skims, is now valued at $1.6 billion, even as shoppers shifted to looser-fitting clothes during lockdowns.

Biden's Corporate Tax Proposal Could Raise Trillions

President Biden unveils his corporate tax overhaul.

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Sees a Boom Coming

Jamie Dimon tells the bank’s investors to prepare for an economic upswell.

Electric Aircraft Start-Up Accuses Rival of Stealing Its Secrets

A lawsuit by Wisk, partly owned by the Google co-founder Larry Page, says two engineers took sensitive files before joining Archer.

Democrats and Business Are Increasingly Allies

Democrats are coming to business’ political aid over social issues. That’s not as big a shift as it might seem.

Are Democrats Friends with Big Business Now?

When C.E.O.s speak out against Republican priorities, it isn’t the flip-flop of alliances it appears to be.