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Big Tech Antitrust Actions Lack a United Front

Partisan infighting may take pressure off the tech giants.

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Apple iPhone 12 Review: Superfast Speed, if You Can Find It

The new iPhone has an improved design, but it’s undermined by the wireless industry’s messy rollout of ultrafast 5G networks.

Justice Dept to File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

A victory for the government could remake one of America’s most recognizable companies and the internet economy that it has helped define.

When Start-Ups Go Into the Garage (or Sometimes the Living Room)

Labs closed in the pandemic, but innovation doesn’t stop. So while some workers have the home office, engineers have the garage.

Marching Orders for the Next Investment Chief of CalPERS: More Private Equity

The nation’s biggest public pension fund is consistently short of the billions of dollars it needs to pay all retirees their pensions. It seeks higher returns.

In Reversal, Twitter Is No Longer Blocking New York Post Article

The latest change underlined how rapidly social media platforms are shifting their positions in the days leading up to the election.

How to Deal With a Crisis of Misinformation

False news is on the rise. We can fight the spread with a simple exercise: Slow down and be skeptical.

Google Employees Are Free to Speak Up. Except on Antitrust.

A company operating in the shadow of government regulators has some very particular rules about what workers can say about it.

Blue Origin's New Shepard Rocket Launches a New Line of Business

Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket hasn’t flown space tourists yet, but it has found a business niche with NASA and private science experiments.

On the Hunt for Office Space, Companies Stay Low to the Ground

Groundscrapers have been considered less exalted than their soaring brethren, but their ability to house an entire company on a single floor has made them more desirable in the pandemic.

July Is the New January: More Companies Delay Return to the Office

From Ford to Microsoft, white-collar companies are increasingly extending working from home through next summer.

New Details About Leon Black’s Ties to Jeffrey Eptstein

The billionaire chief of Apollo Global Management had a far deeper relationship than previously known.

When Your Last $166 Vanishes: ‘Fast Fraud’ Surges on Payment Apps

People are getting defrauded as they turn to Square’s Cash App and PayPal’s Venmo to do more online banking in the pandemic.

Facing Disaster After Disaster, the American Red Cross C.E.O. Stays Optimistic

“I really believe when we’re all set free from captivity, we are going to be so happy and kind to each other,” Gail McGovern says.

Apple Does Not Need to Return Fortnite to App Store, Judge Rules

Fortnite’s parent company, Epic Games, had broken its contract with Apple, a federal judge found. The case goes to trial next year.

Small-Business Loans Will Be Forgiven, but Don’t Ask How

Owners are flummoxed by how the loan forgiveness phase of the Paycheck Protection Program will work, as lenders await clarity and guidance.

Why Morgan Stanley Bet Big on Eaton Vance

The Wall Street stalwart is betting that investors want it to be more boring.